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Residential Heating andCooling Duct Cleaning

Note: The content on this page is intended as basic general information only. Not all heating & cooling systems are listed for cleaning on this website. I have provided only one example or type of a ducted central heating system being cleaned for demonstration purposes only on this page. However there are many variations models & types, For example there is cooling towers, evaporative cooling systems, ducted central heating systems in the ceiling, external units & below the floor etc… Also each heating & cooling system is sightly different in methods of cleaning. Please contact Tony for assistance regarding our full comprehensive range of duct cleaning services.

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“It is our Business to provide you with a healthier indoor living environment”

Estimated Time on the job is between 1½ To 2½ Hrs

There are four procedures to Central Heating Duct Cleaning!

STEP-1 : I remove your return air duct cover as demonstrated. The equipment to carry out the work will be the flexi drive round brush, skipper ball with high air pressure to dislodge dust and powerful vacuum to extract debris. For very dusty return air ducts we use a flexi drive round brush. Note: The flexi drive round brush is not used in all situations, it is only used if the return air duct is stern like the one shown below. For return air ducts that have softer materials, a high pressure Octopus Whip is used to dislodge the dust. For more info please Contact Us

STEP-2 : The cover panel on the gas heater/furnace is removed for the fan and motor to be cleaned with high air pressure.

Cover panel is removed for the fan to be cleaned.

STEP-3 : I go to every duct outlet in your home, Then applying a duct cover not allowing dust to escape in the room shown below. Using the skipper ball with high air pressure to sweep back the dust and debris then strong vacuum is used to extract the dust.

STEP-4 : I sanitise and deodorise with Tea Tree Oil at the return air vent. The Tea Tree Oil flows through the return air duct into the fan chamber and out through all the duct outlets in your home, leaving a fresh fragrance. In most cases, it stops the build up of bacteria & bad odours.


Duct Cleaning Image Archive

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