How to Tell If Your Ducts Need Cleaning
If you use your heating system frequently, it is fairly common that it will become diusty due to normal use. Leaving your central heating system uncleaned for a long period of time is not recommended. You can tell your ducts need to be cleaned if you notice any of the following signs:
• A dusty layer accumulated on your vent return
• Dust on your furniture when the system is operating
• A smell of dingy, dusty air throughout

Duct Cleaning Image.

People who live with pets, or indoor air quality concerns should have their ducts cleaned every two years. Loose pet hair can build up in your system over time, as well as dust and dirt. Dust enters your home in a variety of ways including through open windows or doors, carpeted floors, paper towel use.

Central heating can be a great addition to your home, especially to warm up your entire house during the cool Melbourne winters. However, if you haven’t had your heating system cleaned, you may notice some excess dust every time you turn your heater on. T&N Maintenance specializes in duct cleaning throughout the Melbourne area.

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T&N Maintenance offers free duct cleaning quotes, and there are a variety of payment methods accepted, from cheques, cash, and credit cards, to direct bank transfer. Full payment is due upon completion of the work done.The Cleaning Process
Everyday dirt and dust is processed through your heating system

T&N Maintenance’s cleaning process happens in four steps:
1. The duct cover is removed, and air is used to remove stuck debris.
2. The dislodged debris is vacuumed, cleaning the duct.
3. A duct cover is applied to keep the system running smoothly.
4. Tea Tree Oil deodorizes and sanitizes the system, as it flows throw the air chamber.


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